Wednesday’s Wicked Workout! – 8 July 2015

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If you enjoyed last week’s Wicked Wednesday Workout, then you’ll love this week’s.

Its a throwback to when I was living in Seoul, South Korea in a TINY apartment. I was not able to belong to a gym at the time (due to my location) and I had very little space to train in. I shot this video back then and forgot I had it. Luckily I found it the other day 🙂

While there, I was forced to get creative, and this year of creativity and designing workouts that can be done in small spaces is ultimately what lead to me developing the Prison Workout System.

Its a 10 exercise circuit that can be done anywhere.

Complete the circuit, 1 exercise after the next. At the end, rest for 2 minutes and complete a total of 3 rounds.

If you are a beginner, adjust your reps down so that you can get through the circuit. If you’re really struggling, do just 1 circuit and build your way up.

The exercises:

1. Burpees – 20 reps

2. Push ups – 20 reps

3. Prisoner squats – 20 reps

4. Bridges – 25 reps

5. Pull-ups – 12 reps

6. Mountain climbers – 30 reps

7. Alternating front lunges – 30 reps / 15 per side

8. Supermans – 20 reps

9. Knees to elbows crunches – 25 reps

10. Crouching Tuck Jumps – 15 reps

It’s a seriously tough workout, so start slowly and scale appropriately for you level.

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Article by: Bryan Hamann.

Bryan is a personal trainer, certified bootcamp instructor, Ironman Triathlete and author of THE PRISON WORKOUT.

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