Wednesday’s Wicked Workout! – 15 July 2015

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1000 reps.

Yes, you heard me right, that’s what we’re doing today.

Before you freak out though, realize they could be reps of anything, even steps.

1000 steps doesn’t seem that bad does it?

No it doesn’t.

However, if you’ve been following my workouts for a while, you’ll know my stance on slow-steady state cardio and also know that none of my workouts are easy.

So let’s get on to it – how you’re going to be doing 1000 reps today.

The workout is made up of many exercises, and fortunately, I’m counting steps or strides towards the total, so getting to 1000 is definitely do-able. It’s also a great workout for doing outdoors, so ditch the gym today and head to your nearest park.

I’d never advocate doing 1000 sit-ups or push-ups. That’s just madness, I wouldn’t even do that myself.

Today’s Workout:

Warm up (counts towards your 1000 reps):

    -20 Bodyweight Squats
    -10 Push-ups
    -50 Jumping Jacks
    -20 Lunges (Alternating legs)

Total: 100 reps

Main Workout:

    -10 Burpees
    -10 Lying Leg Raises
    -10 Push-ups
    -50 Yard Sprint (approximately 50 steps, counts as 50 reps)
    -Jump rope, 100 hops or jumps*

Rest for 90 Seconds and repeat for a total of 4 rounds.


    -50 Jumping Jacks
    -30 Second Plank
    -10 Push-ups
    -10 Plank to Push-ups
    -15 Mountain Climbers
    -30 Second Plank
    -30 Jumping Jacks
    -5 Push ups
*For the jump rope, treat it as active recovery, don’t push it too hard, it should be relatively slow to help you start recovering after your sprint.

If you have issues with running, try and do the sprint on a stationary bicycle (go as hard as you can for 15-20 seconds.) If you cannot jump rope, a light jog for about a minute to facilitate recovery can be substituted, or a minute of easy cycling on a stationary bike.

It’s a tough and fairly long workout, but view it as a challenge. you’ll be really proud of yourself and feel amazing if you can complete it.

If this seems like way too much for you, halve all of the numbers posted here and turn it into a ‘500 rep workout.’

Enjoy and let me know how you get on in the comments below.

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Article by: Bryan Hamann.

Bryan is a personal trainer, certified bootcamp instructor, Ironman Triathlete and author of THE PRISON WORKOUT.

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