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Ladies! Lift some weights!

Posted by Bryan Hamann on Tuesday, July 10, 2012, In : Fat Burning Workouts 


“But I really don’t want to get big muscles, I’m just looking to lose a bit of weight and tone.” 

 This is what I hear so many people say when they ask me for advice of how to get in shape, and I tell them they should ditch the elliptical trainer and hit the weight-room.  

Yip, I’m afraid it’s mostly the ladies who say this, but there are some guys who give me this response too.

This is a big myth. Most people think that if they just touch a dumbbell or barbell they’ll end up ge…
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Push ups Part 1: The humble push up.

Posted by Bryan Hamann on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, In : Exercises 

When it comes to building your chest, shoulders and triceps, most people overlook one of the most basic, yet effective exercises – the humble push-up, or press-up as it is also sometimes called.

People seem obsessed with the bench press, thinking it impossible to build a good set of pecs without the bench press being the mainstay of their chest training routine.

The question, “how much can you bench?” is so common, it just serves to further perpetuate the myth that you HAVE TO be bench pres…

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‘Greasing the Groove’: A strength boosting technique

Posted by Bryan Hamann on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, In : Training concepts and techniques 

I’ve recently started using a relatively unknown and unconventional training technique. For those stuck in a rut with their training or trying to break through a plateau, this will be very useful for you too. The technique is known as ‘greasing the groove’, or if you prefer the more technical term, synaptic facilitation.

The man responsible for pioneering the ‘grease the groove’ technique is Pavel Tsatsouline, one 
of the world’s premier strength and conditioning coaches and former …

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