Six pack shortcuts review

As a personal trainer and long-time member of the fitness community, sometimes you get a little arrogant in thinking  you know it all and have all the answers. So I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I decided to check out Six pack shortcuts.

Six pack shortcuts is a program designed by renowned trainer, Mike Chang. I’d heard about six pack shortcuts a few times and seen a couple of ads for it on the internet, but didn’t take much notice at first. When I stumbled across some of Mike’s videos on YouTube though, I was impressed with what I saw, he knows his stuff.  

I took a chance and decided check out his program. I thought at the very least I’d get a few new ideas and have the opportunity to try out a few new things with my clients.

Okay, so enough of how I came to buy Six pack shortcuts, here is my six pack shortcuts review:

Firstly, the program is built on the premise of utilizing the ‘afterburn’ principle, whereby the calories burned in the 48 hours FOLLOWING your workout are far more important than those burned DURING your workout.

Its all about maximizing the metabolic effect following your workout, not just the calories burned during your workout. When I’ve utilized this principle in the past, I’ve always had amazing results and so have my clients when I’ve used it with them.

The ‘afterburn effect’ is achieved through high intensity cardio and weight training,
by placing greater demands on your recovery abilities.  

So how does the program work?

The six pack shortcuts program last 12 weeks and is divided into 4 phases. The first two phases take eight weeks to complete. The last two phases take four weeks to complete. You start small and gradually increase the intensity.

First phase.

This first phase is designed to help you determine your starting level and introduces you to the ideaof high intensity training. It includes plenty of full-body weight training workouts to increase your muscle mass, thereby jacking up your metabolism and ensuring you stay lean in the long run.

Second Phase.

In the second phase the intensity is stepped up and the focus shifts to getting rid of that belly fat. You start focusing on specific muscle groups and shock your body’s system further by adding more advanced intensity techniques.

This places greater demands on your recovery abilty and the metabolic effect becomes even greater i.e. you will be burning EVEN MORE calories in the 48 hour window after your workout. More attention is now also given to your diet.

Third Phase

Whilst the focus throughout the program is on building more lean muscle mass and burning fat through stimulating your metabolism, more specific core and ab exercises are introduced here.

Fourth and Final phase.

By now the primary focus is on getting super lean and getting rid of that remaining belly fat, whilst maintaining the new muscle you’ve built.

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What I liked about the program.
  • Its built on sound training principles that bring results.
  • All content is delivered in entertaining and informative videos. They’re to the point and give you exactly what you need. No unnecessary fluff and bs.
  • The workouts are simple and require minimal equipment. They can be easily modified to be done at home.
  • Mike gives unlimited e-mail support to those who purchase the program.
  • The dietary and lifestyle changes necessary to get six pack abs are introduced gradually, in a step-by-step manner to help you adjust to them.
What I didn’t like about the program.
  • Some videos seem a little repetitive, although perhaps he is just trying to drive a point home and make sure you don’t forget it.
  • For those looking for more in-depth, detailed information about diet and exercise, then you wont get it here. This is not a textbook. Mike gives you only what you need to know to get a six pack.
  • For those looking for huge muscular gains, its not the best program, its more of a program for getting ripped and getting that “male-model” type body, if you want to look like Arnold, then you need to follow a different path.
  • Some individuals may need more than 12 weeks to get to the six pack stage. But if you work hard and stick to it, you will get there.
So, should you buy it?

As a personal trainer I’m inclined to say there’s no substitute for a properly designed, customized and supervised training program – that will always bring the best results. But, the reality is we don’t come cheap and sometimes it’s just not practical to have trainer due to your location, schedule etc.

So yes, if for whatever reason you are unable to get a trainer I’d definitely say something like Six pack shortcuts is your next best bet.

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