If you’ve been following the push up training series, you’ll know that both Part 1 and Part 2 have been leading you up to this point, where you are ALMOST about ready to do one arm push ups. If you have followed the guidelines and advice laid out in Part 1 and 2, then you should be ready for these.

Part 2 laid out the lever push up. Before you attempt elevated one arm push ups, make sure you can do at least 12-15 reps for 2-3 sets PER ARM with lever push ups. 

Do not rush into these, rather make sure you are fully competent with lever push ups first. Now is not the time to be rushing and cutting corners because your technique will be sloppy and your progress will stall if you go too fast.

What is an elevated one arm push up?

The elevated one arm push up is almost identical to the proper one arm push up. The only difference is that by elevating your torso slightly, you are transferring some of your bodyweight to your feet and away from your torso, thereby making the exercise slightly easier.

Obviously the higher your elevation, the easier the exercise will be because you are transferring more weight to your feet. Start at a height that will allow you to perform at least 6 reps per arm, with good technique as shown in the video. 

Once you are comfortable at a particular height, you can move a bit lower, repeating the process of GRADUALLY moving lower and lower until your hand is on the ground and you are doing legitimate one arm push ups.

In the video I use a stack of books for my elevation. I like using a stack of objects because it makes it easier to consistently and efficiently change your elevation, by removing or adding objects (in this instance books) from or to the stack.

So, if you’ve paid your dues with the training and push up varieties laid out in Part 1 and 2, then check out the video below where I explain and demonstrate how to perform the elevated one arm push up.

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